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Before you e-mail me a request to provide a quotation for your project, please note the following:
  • If it needs to be certified, in your translation package from me you will also receive my Translator's Statement or what some entities refer to as an affidavit. Please note that this is different from a notarized document. Certified translators will certify (i.e. put their seal and signature on) their own translation as well as the source document from which they made the translation. The only time a notarized translation is required from a notary public is if your document to be translated (usually a marriage certificate) is required for a divorce.
  • If it is a certificate, a transcript, a diploma, a tax return or another document with a lot of formatting involved, there is an extra cost so that I can spend the necessary time to make it to look exactly like, or as close as possible to, the source document.
  • If your target audience is not Canada, please let me know (i.e. USA, UK, etc.). I will adapt the spelling, punctuation and vocabulary to match your needs.
  • Please include a pdf of your document with your e-mail. If you don't have a scanner, please send me a really good jpg copy (photograph) on a white background where everything is legible and there are no shadows of your camera, or bits of fingers showing. This will speed up the quotation as I will be able to count up the words and take a look at the formatting needs.
  • If your document is in Word format, that's less work for me as the number of words will be easy to calculate and I can follow the formatting of the source document. If it is not in Word format, don't worry as I will count up the words for you.
  • If you can let me know the date by which you need the translation back from me, I will be able to prioritize your project and spend my evening(s) or weekend(s) on it, if necessary. If it is a rush request, I will add an extra cost onto my price so as to be able to dedicate my evening(s) or weekend(s) to it and give up other activities I would normally do during those times.
Thank you.



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