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Each professional body has a code of conduct, also known as a code of ethics, and translators and interpreters are no exception. As a member of both STIBC* and ATA**, I have accepted to abide by both codes. Moreover, for some of my clients, I have agreed to follow the rules required by government agencies in British Columbia and Ontario for interpreting. The Insurance Corporation of British Colombia also has a code that I signed so as to be added to their roster of approved translators and interpreters.

All these codes have similar elements, and to give you an idea of what they include, below are some of the principles that I have promised to uphold:

  • I shall convey meaning faithfully, accurately, and impartially, reproducing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language without embellishment, omission or explanation;
  • I shall not divulge any privileged or confidential information entrusted to me in the course of my work;
  • I shall show no preference or bias toward any party involved in my work; I shall not discriminate in the services I provide on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability;
  • I shall accept an assignment only if I am well qualified with respect to knowledge of both languages involved and the skills required, and only if the subject matter is within my competence;
  • I shall share my knowledge and experience;
  • I shall represent my qualifications and experience honestly and work always within them; I shall provide the highest quality of service in all aspects of my professional practice and practice my profession with honesty and integrity, respecting the rights and interest of my clients and/or employers;
  • I shall improve my skills at every opportunity through continuing education in language, subject field, and professional practice.
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