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Literary Translation

Are you looking for an experienced translator to translate your book from French to English or from Spanish to English? If so, I can help.

Types of book subjects I enjoy translating the most:
  • Fictional mysteries and/or thrillers
  • Travel and travel fiction
  • Romantic fiction
  • Classical Music
  • Art
  • Running
  • Children's books
  • Photography and Film
To contact me about your project, please write me at my e-mail address.

  Cherchez-vous une traductrice expérimentée pour traduire votre livre du français vers l'anglais ? Je peux vous aider !

Sujets de livres que je préfère traduire :
  • Mystères et/ou thrillers de fiction
  • Romans de voyages
  • Romans d'amour
  • Musique classique
  • Art
  • Course à pied
  • Littérature pour enfants
  • Photographie et Film
Si vous avez un projet que vous aimeriez m'offrir, veuillez m'écrire à mon adresse courriel.

  ¿Busca Usted una traductora experimentada para traducir su libro del español al inglés? ¡Puedo ayudarle!

Sujetos de libros que más me interesan:
  • Misterios y/o thrillers ficticios
  • Viajes
  • Novelas de amor
  • Música clásica
  • Arte
  • Correr
  • Literatura infantil
  • Fotografía y Películas
Si Ud. tiene un proyecto que le gustaría ofrecerme, favor de contactarme a mi dirección email.

Past publication projects as Translator, Editor, Proofreader, Compiler, Photographer, etc.

 Fiction or Non-fiction - as Translator





  Author Remarks

E-book, Novel: Lovely Planet, published by Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Inscribe, Kobo, Scribd, Streetlib, Tolino
Release Date: January 19, 2021
Author: Mirelle HDB
ISBN: 9781393729310
Language: English
Locations: India, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Montreal, Quebec City and New York.
  What unites an angry teenager, a tramp with No Fixed Desire, a neurotic businessman and a mother trapped in her daily life? All of them have held Indian wisdom, Wakanda-Adhita's book, in their hands. It's something that goes beyond borders and triggers them to lead better lives. Flamboyant characters meet in a multicolored universe where anything can happen.   book cover French flag   “C'est la première fois que je fais traduire ce roman, Lovely Planète, que j'ai écrit il y a dix ans. Angela Fairbank a réussi à trouver le ton et le rythme de mon style. La traduction est à la fois très fidèle et bien adaptée. C'est un réel plaisir de relire ce livre en anglais, de retrouver mes personnages. La rapidité et l'efficacité d'Angela n'ont d'égale que son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse. Encore merci pour votre excellent travail. Mirelle HDB.”

E-book, Short story: Agent Double Zero, published by Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Inscribe, Kobo, Scribd, Streetlib, Tolino
Release Date: December 29, 2020
Author: Yves Patrick Beaulieu
ISBN: 9781071582169
Language: English
Location: Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi, Quebec

Pauline Bilodeau, a young Goth, is visiting her father in Rouyn-Noranda, located in the Abitibi region. She's getting to know her stepbrother, Ovila, whom she's meeting for the first time. She's ready for anything, except what she finds...

Agent Double Zero by Yves Patrick Beaulieu Quebec flag

“Tellement content de la traduction de madame Fairbank que j'ai publié le texte tout de suite, avant même de la remercier pour le service rendu! Remettre la traduction dans les temps convenus n'est pas un problème pour cette traductrice et la communication est excellente. Merci, Angela. Du vraiment bon travail!”

E-book, Romance novel: Journey of a Heart, published by Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Inscribe, Kobo, Scribd, Streetlib, Tolino
Release Date: December 24, 2020
Author: Mohamed Hermassi
ISBN: 9781071582947
Language: English
Locations: France, Mali and Australia.

This is the story of a thirty-four-year-old man who has a heart transplant. He hears rumors that the heart he received belonged to a young woman who died in a traffic accident. He's intrigued and decides to investigate. He wants to find out more about the woman and her story. He gets caught up in the quest and becomes obsessed by it.

Despite the necessary anonymity and confidentiality regarding organ donors, he manages, through subtle inquiry and unlimited patience, to find her parents. He also discovers the cemetery where she's buried as well as her photo, her name, Irene, and her age at death, twenty-two. A surreal connection takes place between him and the deceased, and an impossible love story is born. He begins to have feelings for her. After all, it's her heart beating in his chest. Things become complicated when he learns she has a twin sister living somewhere in Africa, working with an NGO as a nurse. He decides to leave his life behind and go in search of Irene's twin. Once he finds her, their love, tinged with drama and passion, is both powerful and fragile. These unusual ingredients combine to offer them an adventure full of torment involving both stormy and sunny weather.

Journey of a Heart by Mohamed Hermassi Tunisian flag

Journey of a Heart by Mohamed Hermassi France flag


“Je me permets de vous adresser mes sincères félicitations, pour le travail bien accompli de la traduction de mon livre en anglais Le parcours d'un coeur. Je ne saurai que vous recommander à tous ceux qui voudraient avoir un travail rigoureux, et bien fini.”

“Angela Fairbank, est une traductrice compétente, qui respecte le sens, et le style de la traduction. Personnellement, je la recommande à tous ceux qui veulent un travail bien fini, et rigoureux. Je la remercie pour la traduction de mon livre Le parcours d'un coeur en anglais.”

E-book, Short story: Manu, published by Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Inscribe, Kobo, Scribd, Streetlib, Tolino
Release Date: October 29, 2020
Author: Yves Patrick Beaulieu
ISBN: 9781393995302
Language: English
Location: Lower Saint Lawrence River, Quebec

One autumn evening, a man in a small apartment near the Lower Saint Lawrence River becomes lost in a labyrinth of crazy and senseless ideas. A yellow cat is annoying him and there is also this voice that interferes and guides him. Is he friend or foe? When, how and where will this suffering end? Let's see!

Manu by Yves Patrick Beaulieu Quebec flag

“De toute beauté! Vous avez tout de suite vu le rythme et saisit le caractère du personnage principal! Merci beaucoup, continuez madame. Je suis vraiment content!”

“Angela est une traductrice hors pair! Elle a tout de suite su le ton à donner au récit et ce, dès les premières pages de la nouvelle. Beau travail, vraiment. Merci beaucoup, madame Fairbank!”

Soon to be published

A salt-free cookbook for hypertensive patients. Argentinean flag “Gracias Angela! Quedo muy buena la traducción. Entra a la cola de edición. Saludos!”

Currently in the midst of translating...

A science fiction novel about a body transfer. It starts in Montreal, Canada and has scenes in Tunisia and Australia.

Tunisian flag

“Bonjour Madame Angela. Bravo ma fille, c'est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec vous!! Vous pouvez continuer de traduire le livre, j'ai confiance en vous!! GO!”

A novel about power, politics, religion and science in the future; a fight for global power, and the birth of new technology including an artificial deity. Originally written in Portuguese, I am translating its Spanish translation into English and the author then plans to turn my translation into an audio-book!

Brazilian flag


 Translation and Interpreting Quarterly Newsletter - as Editor and Writer of Articles

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 Law - as Translator or Editor

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 Agriculture | Timber Manufacturing | Forestry - as Compiler or Proofreader

Farm Accountancy Data Network: An A to Z of methodology - Commission of the European Communities 1989 Belgian flag Vicwood K.T. Chong, A Photographic Biography (Chinese) 2013 Chinese flag Vicwood K.T. Chong: A photographic biography in commemoration of Vicwood Group's Fiftieth Anniversary 2013 Chinese flag Resolute Roots 2016 Canadian flag

 Photography - as Photographer and Publisher

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