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“Angela, Muchas gracias por su servicio y sobre todo por su rapidez al realizarlo. Excelente servicio y al conocerla pude notar también que es una excelente persona. Le agradezco y claro que será mi primera opción para otras traducciones. Gracias y Saludos, ” - Luis Perez, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, September 2023

“Thanks, Angela, ... You are very professional, I am very satisfied with your great work.” - Vivian R., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, July 2023

“Thanks again. Out of all the translators I contacted initially, you were the only one that took the time to explain the process, share your insights and even call ICBC for reference. You did not just shoot me a fee from the start and I really appreciate it.” - Daniel D., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, July 2023

“Thank you very much for your diligence! I have received your perfectly translated document!” - Sergiu V., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 2023

“La traducción de Angela es de gran calidad, lo he testado con la opinión de un profesional independiente. Espero volver a trabajar con ella en el futuro.” “Angela's translation is high-quality work, according to the opinion of an independent professional. I hope to work with her again in the future.” - Juan Martín García, Madrid, Spain and the author of a 60,000+ word fiction thriller about Covid that I translated, June 2023

“Thank you very much for your timely, professional service.” - Scott M., Victoria, B.C., Canada, June 2023

“Angela, Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme and votre rapidité.” - Rosine K., Victoria, B.C., Canada, May 2023

“Buenos días Angela, Muchas gracias por su apoyo tan eficaz y excelente! Si me surgen más documentos, se los hago llegar!” - Silvia S., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 2023

“Thanks for interpreting yesterday. That was very good. [I] appreciate the service. Very much!” - Margaret M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 2023

“Thank you so much for making all the translations in a timely manner, I appreciate it enormously. As you can imagine by the kind of documents you have been translating, time is of maximum importance ... Muchísimas gracias por su excelente trabajo pero sobretodo por su dedicación e interés genuino en que las traducciones y el correo llegaran a tiempo. Se lo voy a agradecer por siempre.” - M. De Lara, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, April 2023

“Thank you so much Angela! Amazing work and timing!!” - Stephane C., Montreal, Quebec, March 2023

“Angela, I always refer to you [be]cause I've always had a great experience working with you (very professional and punctual).” - Natalia P. Squamish, B.C., Canada, February 2023

“Thank you Ms. Fairbank for your excellent work. It is much appreciated.” - Jean-Mathieu P., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, February 2023

“That was fast! Thank you, always a pleasure working with you!” - Pedro E., Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada, February 2023

“Another impressive translation by Angela. Quick and always respectful of deadlines. A great professional ... But what a translation it is! I'm impressed. You know my level of English isn't great but I read a lot in English and I know how to recognize a perfect translation. Thanks a lot for everything! Finally this book has the translation it deserves.” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, January 2023.

“Wow, eso fue rápido, Angela! Muchísimas gracias.” - Cynthia C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, January 2023

“El documento está perfecto. Muchas gracias nuevamente por su gran trabajo y velocidad.” - Valentina I., Quebec City, Quebec, January 2023.

“Wow, fantastic, Angela! Thanks so much for your speedy & thorough work. We'll be sure to reach out to you next time we have something to translate.” - Pavlik & Ana F., Montreal, Quebec, October 2022.

“¡Hola Sra. Angela! He recibido el documento. De nuevo, déjeme felicitarla por el impecable trabajo. ¡Muchísimas gracias por la eficiencia y la dedicación!” - Jesús A. Arias H., Morelia, Mexico, October 2022.

“Hola Angela, Todo está perfecto. Te confirmo que recibí el paquete. Sin duda te volveré a llamar cuando requiera otra traducción.” - Pilar O. R., Vancouver, B.C., September 2022.

“Angela ha vuelto a hacer una traducción de gran calidad ... traducción a un inglés perfecto.” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, September 2022.

“Amazing! Thank you so much for your help with this! ... I will definitely use you again and recommend you to anyone that needs this type of service.” - Maxime R., Ladysmith, B.C., August 2022.

“Angela was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very kind and knowledgeable. Her turn-around time for our document was incredibly fast. Overall, our experience with her exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend her services.” - Chantal Litalien, Vancouver, B.C., August 2022.

“I love Angela's style and how she even understands the meanings hidden behind the words. Communication with her is very easy, direct and really friendly. And she works so fast. I have been very lucky that my first translator was Angela Fairbank and my last translator will be Angela Fairbank ... if she agrees! She has already translated my first two books and has accepted to translate the third one. I will submit the fourth one to her when finished.” - Jean de Blonay, Geneva, Switzerland, July 2022.

“Angela, you are the fastest high-quality legal translator in the West (Coast)! Your insights and edits ... were very much appreciated.” - Anthony U., Vancouver, B.C., July 2022.

“Hello, Angela! Everything is perfect! I am really happy with your services and in case I need any other translations, I would contact you without a doubt!” - Amanda M., Cuba, June 2022.

“El paquete de traducciones fue recibido, muchísimas gracias por la rápida respuesta y traducción. ¡Es un excelente servicio, totalmente recomendado!” - Jesús A. Hernández, Mexico, June 2022.

“Thank you for the outstanding service.” - Mehdi L., Vancouver, B.C., June 2022.

“Thank you so much for completion of the translation for these documents. We really appreciate you doing this for us so quickly. We are so relieved to have this done, and appreciate your time and assistance. If we need more translations in the future (and I think we will) we will contact you!” - Roger and Nancy C., Victoria, B.C., March 2022.

“Thank you so much. Super fast. Super service.” - Brigitte R., Westbank. B.C., January 2022.

“Thank you Angela! Greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely contact you next time I need a translator. I will also inform another law firm in town of your services.” - Renée F., 150 Mile House, B.C., January 2022.

“Thank you, Angela for doing this work quickly and making it simple for me.” - Sharon E., Nanaimo, B.C., January 2022.

“En lisant les dix pages test, j'ai tout de suite aimé le style d'Angela : elle a parfaitement adhéré au rythme du roman, au ton et à l'ambiance, au point que je lui ai confié sans hésiter la traduction de mon deuxième roman et lui proposerai, en toute confiance, la traduction du suivant... ” - Jean de Blonay, Switzerland, January 2022.

“Thank you Angela Fairbank. You the best!” - Keny B., Montreal, Quebec, January 2022.

“Thanks Dear Angela. It's a really great job, I appreciate it a lot. I will recommend a few friends to you. Thanks again.” - Yoslandy M., Cuba, December 2021.

“Packages received. That was so quick! Great service, I love it.” - Pamela I., Vancouver, B.C., December 2021.

“Wow I loved the translation, you did a very good job, I loved it I thank you very much Angela you are the best thank you for your service I will recommend you to my colleagues!” - Alan U., Mexico, December 2021.

“Muchas gracias por la traducción, todo excelente” - Emilio B., Montreal, Quebec, December 2021.

“That was surprisingly fast, thank you very much! I confirm the arrival of both translations. Again, thank you very much for an outstanding service. Looking forward to working with you in the future.” - Arturo L., Monterrey, Mexico, November 2021.

“Thank you very much! I have received all documents signed with the seal, really appreciate your help and fast turnaround.” - Jennifer O., Panama, November 2021.

“This is a beautiful translation of a difficult text.” - Cynthia W., editor, California, U.S.A., November 2021.

“Thank you for the speed and professionalism of your work.” - Eric V., Montreal, Quebec, October 2021.

“Thank you so much for your extremely fast work! I appreciate this very much and will recommend your services to friends in the future!” - Elkie W., Vancouver, B.C., October 2021.

“I received the [translation] documents. Thank you very much!! I really appreciate how fast you got it done.” - Monica D., Vancouver, B.C., October 2021.

“Thanks so much! I really appreciate all your help with this. Very nice to work with you.” - Brent A., Victoria, B.C., October 2021.

“Thank you very much for the documents [translation]. We are very happy with the speed and quality of the service and also with this experience with you. Thank you very much again for your help and if we need more translations we will surely contact you.” - Genesis U., Santiago, Chile, October 2021.

“Ángela ha hecho un trabajo estupendo, siempre respetando los plazos de traducción y manteniendo una comunicación fluida a lo largo de todo el proceso. Además, es muy colaboradora con la difusión del libro una vez publicado. ¡Completamente recomendada!” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, September 2021.

“Outstanding! That was so quick! We received them perfectly, and we can now apply to the college. Thanks a lot for your work. ” - Nicolas & Erika, Argentina, September 2021.

“Al igual que en las ocasiones anteriores, Angela ha sido extraordinaria. Gran traducción y en tiempo récord. Muchas gracias.” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, September 2021.

“Bien reçu et merci Angela de votre efficacité et professionnalisme. Je garde votre contact pour des futures traductions au cas où on aurait besoin de vos services.” - Valentin A., Quebec City, Quebec, July 2021.

“Punctual, precise, attentive and careful translator. I really liked Angela's work.” - Anthony Koontz, Brazil, July 2021.

“I'm really impressed with your translation of this book, Angela! It's an engaging plot with a lot of interesting characters, and you did a great job capturing the tender family scenes and the steamier parts. Awesome translation and I'm interested in reading the other volumes from this author!” - Corinne McKay, Colorado, U.S.A., July 2021.

“I was really excited to receive the [translation] yesterday so I forgot to reply. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much!” - Eduardo C., Vancouver, BC, July 2021.

“Thank you Angela for your prompt response and professionalism. I received my translations earlier than anticipated and with a high level of quality. The whole process was very simple and efficient.” - Mauricio Pérez, Montreal, Quebec, July 2021.

“It was wonderful working with Angela. Great insight, great advice, and most of all, great work. We discussed spellings (US or UK?), and idioms, and lingos. I love that one of my characters has the Yorkshire accent, and it's so real. I loved rereading my book in English, it's like discovering my story all over again. Thank you so much, Angela. :-) ” - Jo Ann von Haff, author of a book I translated from French, June 2021.

“[Translations] received! Thank you so much. I wasn't expecting them this fast :) Have a great day :)” - María José O. Vancouver, B.C. June 2021.

“Thank you Angela again for such a quick response. Appreciate your work.” - A. Blanco, Vancouver, B.C. June 2021.

“This is perfect, the translation PDF came through and looks excellent. Thank you! Much appreciated.” - Anja N., Vancouver, B.C. June 2021.

“I received your documents ... and it was a pleasant experience with your excellent customer service and professionalism.” - K. Ho, Chilliwack, B.C., June 2021.

“Muchas gracias por todo tu interés y por tu maravillosa traducción.” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, June 2021.

“Thank you so much for your assistance. I have received the translated documents. Thank you for such a timely response and completion of everything.” - Aisha B., Vancouver, B.C. June 2021.

“Thank you so much for your quick and efficient work. We are very happy.” - Annie P., Whitehorse, Yukon, June 2021.

“Hola, Ángela. Muchísimas gracias por tu gran trabajo. Te lo agradezco de veras. ¡[Eres] extraordinaria!” - A.P. Hernández, Murcia, Spain, May 2021.

“Thank you for the fast service and all your help. I will definitely come back to you with any other clients I have that need Spanish [to English] translations.” - Craig L., Burnaby, B.C., May 2021.

“Thank you very much, Angela. You were really professional, efficient and kind!” - Nathalie F., Vancouver, B.C., May 2021.

“Thank you very much Angela, you were super efficient and nice!” - Angelica S., Vancouver, B.C., April 2021.

“Bonjour Madame Angela, j'ai toujours su que vous étiez la meilleure, qualité, et ponctualité. Je vous remercie encore une fois, vous êtes un modèle!!” - M. Hermassi, France, April 2021.

“Bonjour, Tout est correct pour moi. Merci pour le délai rapide ! Bonne journée.” - Priscille Z., Quebec City, Quebec, March 2021.

“Angela is so professional, dedicated and fast! She helped Cuso International Cameroon and Cuso partners with several translations. She is so efficient! It is a pleasure working with her.” - Andrea Fiorito, Volunteer Mobilization Advisor-International Programs Team at Cuso International, Canada, March 2021.

“Did I forget to mention you are the best!!!???? thanks for the quick response.” - Cesar R., Dominican Republic, March 2021.

“Merci Angela pour votre célérité et votre disponibilité. Très apprécié.” - Virginie E., Cameroon, March 2021.

“Muchísimas gracias por el excelente servicio que me brindaste, tu profesionalismo va más allá de lo que conocía. I really appreciate all the attention and the efficiency. If I need any other document translated in the future I will definitely contact you.” - Jessica E., Vancouver, B.C., February 2021.

“Thank you so much for your promptness and great service! I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of similar services.” - Jerome P., California, USA, February 2021.

“Hi Angela! Thank you so much for your amazing [translation] service. I would happily recommend your services.” - Natali E., Vancouver, B.C., February 2021.

“Estimada Ángela, Confirmado de recibido, agradezco de verdad su eficiencia y amabilidad. Seguiré en contacto para futuras traducciones.” - Humberto H., Vancouver, B.C., February 2021.

“Estamos muy agradecidas por la facilidad con la que se hizo este tramite y seguro recomendaremos a muchas mas personas para que hagan traducciones con usted.” - Carolina E., Vancouver, B.C., January 2021.

“Very excellent work by the way. Thank you for your attention to detail.” - Miles V., Vancouver, B.C., January 2021.

“Kudos to you for the wonderfully informative and uplifting article you wrote for the January issue of The STIBC Voice. What an experience. I must say you are quite the courageous lady. I would not have the stamina nor the wherewithal to be able to do voice/accent coaching under those conditions.” - Carla K., Vancouver, B.C., January 2021.

“Dear Ms. Fairbank, Thank you very much for your swift and professional support. I read the translation that you kindly worked on, and I want to recognize your work, especially when done under such a short notice. It is clearly perfect. If I run into someone in need of your services, rest assured I'll direct them to you.” - A. Lopez, Vancouver, B.C., January 2021.

“C'est la première fois que je fais traduire ce roman, Lovely Planète, que j'ai écrit il y a dix ans. Angela Fairbank a réussi à trouver le ton et le rythme de mon style. La traduction est à la fois très fidèle et bien adaptée. C'est un réel plaisir de relire ce livre en anglais, de retrouver mes personnages. La rapidité et l'efficacité d'Angela n'ont d'égale que son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse. Encore merci pour votre excellent travail.” Mirelle HDB, France, January 2021.

“Thank you Angela for your exceptional service. I have received the package and will absolutely request your [translation] services in the future as well as recommend you to others.” - Ceila C.C., Terrace, B.C., January 2021.

“Bonjour Madame Angela. Bravo ma fille, c'est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec vous!! Vous pouvez continuer de traduire le livre, j'ai confiance en vous!! GO!” - Mohamed Hermassi, France, December 2020.

“Tellement content de la traduction de madame Fairbank que j'ai publié le texte tout de suite, avant même de la remercier pour le service rendu! Remettre la traduction dans les temps convenus n'est pas un problème pour cette traductrice et la communication est excellente. Merci, Angela. Du vraiment bon travail!” - Yves Patrick B., Abitibi, Quebec, December 2020.

“Angela Fairbank, est une traductrice compétente, qui respecte le sens, et le style de la traduction. Personnellement, je la recommande à tous ceux qui veulent un travail bien fini, et rigoureux. Je la remercie pour la traduction de mon livre Le parcours d'un coeur en anglais.” - Mohamed Hermassi, Tunisie, December 2020.

“Millones de gracias Angela. Te lo agradesco tanto...siempre te recomendaré porque eres la mejor...Eres tan buena en tu trabajo...gracias por tu ayuda no se que sería de mi sin tu ayuda.” - Dainerys D. Victoria, B.C., October 2020.

“Thanks for the amazing job! I will recommend you.” - Cinthya C. Burnaby, B.C. October 2020.

“Mil gracias! Excelente trabajo.” - César R., Dominican Republic, October 2020.

“Thank you so much for your professional and quick work. [I] will definitely recommend and use your services in the future.” - Yurika B., Vancouver, B.C., October 2020.

“Angela est une traductrice hors pair! Elle a tout de suite su le ton à donner au récit et ce, dès les premières pages de la nouvelle. Beau travail, vraiment. Merci beaucoup, madame Fairbank!” - Yves Patrick B., Abitibi, Quebec, October 2020.

“Gracias Angela! Quedó muy buena la traducción. Entra a la cola de edición. Saludos!” - Ariel H., Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2020.

“Hello Angela. I'm pleased to announce that I received the [translation] package just now. Everything looks great! This is just what we needed. I want to thank you so much for everything, from how communicative you were to your swift translation. I'm extremely pleased with everything. If we ever need anything else translated in the future we'll be sure to let you know.” - Eduardo Bravo, Guadalajara, Mexico, July 2020.

“Thank you very much! I appreciate your neat and efficient service. Have a great day.” - Noemi M., Montreal, Quebec, June 2020.

“Hi Angela, I am in receipt of the translated document as per my request. I also acknowledge that you delivered excellently as indicated in our initial agreement. Thanks so much and it was very seamless doing business with you. Looking forward to our continued business connection.” - Kedesha D. G., Kingston, Jamaica, June 2020.

“Hi Angela, I received the receipt and the translated documents. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.” - Carolyn T., Whistler, BC, June 2020.

“This is really great work Angela! Thank you so much for your promptness and the quality of the output. Looking forward to working with you again.” - Francisco B.V., Toronto, ON, May 2020.

“Good Evening Angela, Wow! Thank you very much for getting [the translation] finished so quickly. It looks great!” - Breanne K. and Diego S., Translation clients, Nelson, BC, May 2020.

“Dear Angela...I wanted to share some good news with you: I got the PR (Permanent Residency Status)! This may be something very small, but for me it has been life changing, especially now with this whole [coronavirus] crisis. Thank you for your perfect translations, and for having everything ready in such a short time. I will be happy to recommend you in the future.” - Andrea Carolina Moreno Rodríguez, Translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2020.

“Angela, thank you for your professionalism and kindness. It has been fantastic working with you.” - N. S. Gonzalez, New Westminster, BC, Canada, March 2020.

“Hi Angela! This couldn't have been any faster. You are the best. Thank you so much for the documents.” - Cristina M., Port Moody, BC, Canada, March 2020.

“Hello Angela, I just wanted you to thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for all the excellent work you have done for me. I have now officially been told my ECE (Early Childhood Education) certification was approved and I couldn't have done it without your very detailed and efficient work. So again, thank you so much.” - Anne-Marie Bouchard, Kamloops, BC, Canada, February 2020.

“Your article, which I read just now, is very interesting and well written, reflecting back on some fairly intense and wonderful interpretation experiences. You are a great translator and writer.” - Catherine H., Victoria, BC, Canada, December 2019.

“Well done, Angela. I enjoyed reading your article.” - Timothy F., Black Creek, BC, Canada, December 2019.

“Angela, thank you so much for your efficiency and the great service.” - A. Beltran, an ICBC translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 2019.

“That was quick, thank you! I'll be surely to reach out if I ever need [another] translation and [will] recommend [you] to my friends.” - Nicholas de S., a Certified Spanish to English translation client, Whistler, BC, Canada, July 2019.

“Dear Angela, I would just like to say a big thank you for the translation of my Spanish Police Clearance for my Canadian Visa application. I would highly recommend your services to anyone else that needs the same translation. The service was very professional, quick and at a good price. Thanks again,” Oliver MacDonald, Lincolnshire, England, July 2019.

“Thank you very much Angela for the great service! Cheers!” - Stavroula T., an ICBC translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2019.

“Thank you for the very useful course last night. It was really great to understand many of the issues in the exam and what to think about. Very good food for thought and I hope there are more courses like this one.” - Kate Pattison, Vancouver. This remark was in reference to a workshop I presented on May 9, 2019 for the STIBC called Language Specific Translation Workshop Series: Spanish to English. Its blurb went as follows: STIBC-certification is what all serious B.C.-based translators should strive for in order to gain recognition, access government-related jobs, and stand out in their profession. With a 20% pass rate on average, the STIBC Certification Exam can be challenging even for those of us who have years of experience. This workshop will ideally strive to prepare working Spanish to English translators for that challenge!

“Translation package, invoice and tracking number well received, thank you! Thanks a lot for your help with this project! It is always great to work with you!!” - Anna Tridente, Project Manager, LingoStar, Vancouver, BC, May, 2019.

“Thank you Angela. Everything looks great. I really appreciate the speed and quality with which you got this done for me.” - Colin S., a Certified Spanish to English translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada, March 2019.

“Angela is a volunteer translator for Translators without Borders (TWB). To date, she has translated a total of 381,768 words from Spanish and French to English. Throughout this work, Angela has been a responsive and professional member of the team, and she is one of the most active and committed translators in our volunteer community.” - Ambra Sottile, Community Officer at Translators Without Borders, U.S.A., November 2018.

“Thank you, Angela, and good work!” - Benjamin B., an ICBC translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 2018.

“Muchas gracias por tus servicios, Ángela. Estoy muy contenta con el trato recibido. Si necesito traducir algún otro documento te contactaré sin dudarlo. Eres muy profesional y amable. ” - Cristina R., cliente, Vancouver, BC, Canadá, October 2018.

“Angela, I honestly don't see anything in need of changing. :-)” - Meghan B., an editor assigned to proofread one of my translations from French to English, April 2018.

“Thank you so much for delivering this translation so quickly - it's been a pleasure working with you and I do hope we can collaborate again soon.” - Paulina Abzieher, Translators Without Borders, USA, April 2018.

“Thank you very much for your elaborate notes and comments on this [translation]. I am delighted to see how thorough you are and to have you on our team!” - Anchal Lochan, Nativy Translations, Vienna, Austria, April 2018.

“It's been a great collaboration with you, Angela. I must admit you are an excellent reviewer.” - Ako A., Douala, Cameroon, a translator with whom I worked on a Translators without Borders assignment, February 2018.

“Angela is a Renaissance woman. The breadth of her talents and interests is amazing. Her approach to work is scrupulous, intelligent, and well organized. I can recommend her specifically for the fine translation work she does.” - Diana Rhudick, Boston, MA, USA, October 2017.

“I am satisfied with the proofreading job. Well done...You are doing such a great job and I am still impressed about it...Thank you for all the time you have spent to work on the different versions of the book. I really appreciate it...Obrigado Angelinha pelo trabalho fantastico. Foi uma joia de ter trabalhado com voce. Thank for everything you have done for this book. You are an angel.” - Guy Mvogo, Author of a poetry book in English, French and Spanish, Maryland, USA, February 2015.

“We are happy to work with Angela on our Spanish/French/English translation projects. She has been able to provide quick turnaround times and the quality of her English translations is superb. We would recommend her translation services to any translation agency who is seeking a reliable and responsible supplier.” - Lenka de Graafova, Owner and Operations Manager, LingoStar Language Services Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2012.

“I have known Angela through LinkedIn for several years and her quality of translation and time frame are really exceptional. Angela had agreed to translate all documents and websites of our small NGO called ANAK from French to English. She is very reliable, efficient and very professional. In fact many of my English-speaking friends are very impressed by the high quality of her work performed within a short time frame. I highly recommend her for her outstanding professionalism and efficiency.” - Denis Marx, President of Anak France and Past President of Anak Switzerland, April 2012.

“Angela has been translating ... documents, website, newsletters for years now for our charity foundation called ANAK - Aid to Indonesian Children. Her work has always been very fast, reliable and of very high quality. She is 100% dedicated and trustworthy.” - Christophe Burckard, Global Coordinator, Anak, Bali, Indonesia, April 2012.

“[Angela] is exceptional. In a short time she was able to translate [my] CV impeccably; her work is truly professional.” - Joël Anglade, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 2010.

“Angela can be relied upon to be accurate, honest and smart. She brings a global perspective to her work and a great talent for language. I recommend her editing skills. She edited my second book with great skill and humour. I ended up with a far better product at the end of the process and also learnt a great deal about grammar ... If you want your articles or books to move from mediocre to smooth, streamlined, beautiful reading, get Angela to edit your work. She brings a salty sense of humour but also a very high standard of grammar, punctuation and general knowledge. She will make your writing sing. Angela is my secret!” - Jacoline Loewen, Writer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 2006.

“Angela has performed very well in the position of International Ambassador. She exceeds expectations in all areas. Angela consistently demonstrates a positive proactive attitude. She is always helpful and willing to pitch in where needed. She is well liked by her colleagues and management. She is an asset to RCI and any team she joins.” - Doug MacLennan, Chief Purser, Serenade of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., March 2004.

“Angela is motivated and honest, has good social interaction with all staff and is an asset to the department. Angela's professional knowledge as a translator is an asset. She has been a great team player.” - Paul Hughes, Chief Purser, M/S Splendour of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International, Galveston, Texas, U.S.A., January 2004.

“Angela's tact, diplomacy skills and courtesy have kept long negotiations on track and have helped to smooth out the cultural differences between East and West, North and South. She has become an extremely valuable asset to our company.” - Sultan Dr. Vicwood K.T. Chong, MBE, JP, Chairman and Managing Director, Vicwood Group, Hong Kong, July 2001.

“With her ability to work in seven languages, Angela has demonstrated abilities which many aspire to but few achieve. She is able to work in harmony with many different types of people. Her wide range of interests and experience make integration into a group relatively easy. In any case, her strong sense of humour will rapidly dissipate tensions and reticence.” - Nigel Robson, Head of Division, Directorate-General for Agriculture, Commission of the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, September 1991.

“Angela's performance has always been of high quality and... she has been one of our most dependable [translation and interpretation] volunteers. Furthermore, we have been impressed with her very calm and efficient way of handling every situation.” - Nora F., Coordinator of Volunteers, M.O.S.A.I.C., Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 1984.

Travel Writing

“Angela, I loved reading your travel journal. So interesting. Fascinating details. I learnt tons! As soon as I started reading, I couldn't stop. You are quite the super duper writer. The words flow smoothly like a journey that effortlessly follows its own rhythm. Gorgeous, perfect photos.” - Ileana P., Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“Thank you for capturing our wedding day in such a polished package. Your eye for detail has made our memories of that day that much more special. Your insight into colour and light brought out the highlights of the evening. Your professionalism and diligence helped make our day run that much more smoothly.” - Penny and David C., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Angela Fairbank is a highly creative photographer who focuses her natural talents on people, places and lifestyle. As a family, we have engaged Angela to photograph a number of special occasions over the years and, each time, Angela far exceeded all expectations. Whether photographing the event or selecting images during the layout and design process and delivering the finished product, Angela is always the consummate professional. Angela's heightened awareness of her surroundings and her dedication to quality ensures her images are powerful and emotionally charged. As well, her use of colour, balance light and texture captures the essence of her subject in an extraordinary way, with the images captured from a moment in time coming to life off the paper.” - Elaine S., Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“Angela, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on Presidente Pride - This City's Colours. I'm sure proud of it, and so pleased with all of you for working hard and working together to come up with such a great finished product! Awesome job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to the 6-minute documentary on Matthew that I directed and for which I was one of the camera operators.

“Thank you so much for your help today with the shoot - you put in a very long day and I sure appreciate it. You work well with have a nice way of getting things back on track. Great job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to Matthew's 3:35-minute music video, Rainbow Reaction that I worked on with Stephen E. in November 2010.

“I just watched your film Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Event, 29 April 2012. Great job! You managed to capture the whole race (the inserts and b roll served you well) and the footage looks good. Love the kayak flip with the Go Pro Hero! Very cool race! It's inspiring me to get out and enjoy nature again...The interviewees looked quite comfortable talking with you - looks like you put them at ease - a good skill if you will be making docs in the future.” Teresa M, Vancouver, BC


“Angela took our initial ideas and put together a website that was beyond our expectations. It stands out as being highly informative and fully personalized, and above all, it does not look like sites compiled by large commercial outfits. Customers have specifically commented on it for its quality and thoroughness. Angela also took on all the required videography and photography with ease and professionalism. Her background in forest products was apparent as we discussed possibilities during the site's conception.” - Tim F., Black Creek, BC, Canada.

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