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New Territories, Hong Kong

I had a short hop to Hong Kong between my visits to Bangalore, India and Suzhou, China in order to apply for my China visa. On my day off I decided to visit the New Territories, somewhere I had not been for many years, and then have a look at one of the many new shopping malls on Kowloon side that had opened since I had last visited.

First I took the MTR and light rail to the Hong Kong Wetland Park, which had been advertised in a tourist pamphlet I had picked up at the airport. It was purported to be a great place to see avian life, but I must say I was disappointed overall, as the birds were all too far away to photograph even with a 100-300mm zoom lens. I therefore stuck to the wildlife that was close enough to shoot - flowers (waterlilies for the most part), butterflies (photos 4 and 5), the resident salt water crocodile, Pui Pui (photo 17), and some mudskippers (photos 6 and 19), creatures that look like fish but can walk on mud.

Then I took the MTR and a bus to visit the Kam Tin walled village (photos 20 to 24), whose entry fee had increased threefold to 3 dollars and was no longer the one dollar as indicated on the new Hong Kong Tourist Association's visitors' map.

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