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“Angela's tact, diplomacy skills and courtesy have kept long negotiations on track and have helped to smooth out the cultural differences between East and West, North and South. She has become an extremely valuable asset to our company.” - Sultan Dr. Vicwood K.T. C., MBE, JP, Chairman and Managing Director, Vicwood Group, Hong Kong.

“Angela has performed very well in the position of International Ambassador. She exceeds expectations in all areas. Angela consistently demonstrates a positive proactive attitude. She is always helpful and willing to pitch in where needed. She is well liked by her colleagues and management. She is an asset to RCI and any team she joins.” - Doug M., Chief Purser, Serenade of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International, Puerto Rico, U.S.A.


“Angela's performance has always been of high quality and... she has been one of our most dependable [translation and interpretation] volunteers. Furthermore, we have been impressed with her very calm and efficient way of handling every situation.” - Nora F., Coordinator of Volunteers, M.O.S.A.I.C., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“With her ability to work in seven languages, Angela has demonstrated abilities which many aspire to but few achieve. She is able to work in harmony with many different types of people. Her wide range of interests and experience make integration into a group relatively easy. In any case, her strong sense of humour will rapidly dissipate tensions and reticence.” - Nigel R., Head of Division, Directorate-General for Agriculture, Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, Belgium.

“Angela is motivated and honest, has good social interaction with all staff and is an asset to the department. Angela's professional knowledge as a translator is an asset. She has been a great team player.” - Paul H., Chief Purser, M/S Splendour of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International, Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.

“Angela is a detail-oriented translator who delivers great quality Spanish and French to English translations... She has been able to provide quick turnaround times and the quality of her English translations is superb. We rely on her with last-minute translation requests. We would recommend her translation services to any translation agency who is seeking a reliable and responsible supplier.” - Lenka de G., Owner and Operations Manager, LingoStar Language Services Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Thank you very much for your elaborate notes and comments on this [translation]. I am delighted to see how thorough you are and to have you on our team!” - Anchal Lochan, Nativy Translations, Vienna, Austria.

“Thank you so much for delivering this translation so quickly - it's been a pleasure working with you and I do hope we can collaborate again soon.” - Paulina Abzieher, Translators Without Borders, USA.

“[Angela] is exceptional. In a short time she was able to translate [my] CV impeccably; her work is truly professional.” - Joël A., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

“I have known Angela through LinkedIn for several years and her quality of translation and time frame are really exceptional. Angela had agreed to translate all documents and websites of our small NGO called ANAK from French to English. She is very reliable, efficient and very professional. In fact many of my English speaking friends are very impressed by the high quality of her work performed within a short time frame. I highly recommend her for her outstanding professionalism and efficiency.” - Denis M., President of Anak Switzerland.

“Angela has been translating ... documents, website, newsletters for years now for our charity foundation called ANAK - Aid to Indonesian Children. Her work has always been very fast, reliable and of very high quality. She is 100% dedicated and trustworthy.” - Christophe B., Global Coordinator, Anak, Bali, Indonesia.

“Angela, I honestly don't see anything in need of changing. :-)” - Meghan B., an editor assigned to proofread one of my translations from French to English.

“Angela is a Renaissance woman. The breadth of her talents and interests is amazing. Her approach to work is scrupulous, intelligent, and well organized. I can recommend her specifically for the fine translation work she does.” - Diana R., Boston, MA, USA.

“Angela is a volunteer translator for Translators without Borders (TWB). To date [November 8, 2018], she has translated a total of 381,768 words from Spanish and French to English. Throughout this work, Angela has been a responsive and professional member of the team, and she is one of the most active and committed translators in our volunteer community.” - Ambra Sottile, Community Officer at Translators Without Borders, U.S.A.

“On the whole, the translation was very competent indeed.” - Chris H., Leeds, UK, who made these remarks after proofreading a translation I completed for Translators Without Borders (TWB). Chris is one of TWB's 'super' volunteers, having donated more than 420 thousand words as of April 2018!

“Muchas gracias por tus servicios, Ángela. Estoy muy contenta con el trato recibido. Si necesito traducir algún otro documento te contactaré sin dudarlo. Eres muy profesional y amable.” - Cristina R., client, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Thank you, Angela, and good work!” - Benjamin B., an ICBC translation client, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“Angela can be relied upon to be accurate, honest and smart. She brings a global perspective to her work and a great talent for language. I recommend her editing skills. She edited my second book with great skill and humour. I ended up with a far better product at the end of the process and also learnt a great deal about grammar ... If you want your articles or books to move from mediocre to smooth, streamlined, beautiful reading, get Angela to edit your work. She brings a salty sense of humour but also a very high standard of grammar, punctuation and general knowledge. She will make your writing sing. Angela is my secret!” - Jacoline L., Writer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I am satisfied with the proofreading job. Well done...You are doing such a great job and I am still impressed about it...Thank you for all the time you have spent to work on the different versions of the book. I really appreciate it...Obrigado Angelinha pelo trabalho fantastico. Foi uma joia de ter trabalhado com voce. Thank for everything you have done for this book. You are an angel.” - Guy M., Author of a book of poetry in English, French and Spanish, Maryland, USA.

“It's been a great collaboration with you, Angela. I must admit you are an excellent reviewer.” - Ako A., Douala, Cameroon, a translator with whom I worked on a Translators without Borders assignment.

Travel Writing

“Angela, I loved reading your travel journal. So interesting. Fascinating details. I learnt tons! As soon as I started reading, I couldn't stop. You are quite the super duper writer. The words flow smoothly like a journey that effortlessly follows its own rhythm. Gorgeous, perfect photos.” - Ileana P., Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“Thank you for capturing our wedding day in such a polished package. Your eye for detail has made our memories of that day that much more special. Your insight into colour and light brought out the highlights of the evening. Your professionalism and diligence helped make our day run that much more smoothly.” - Penny and David C., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Angela Fairbank is a highly creative photographer who focuses her natural talents on people, places and lifestyle. As a family, we have engaged Angela to photograph a number of special occasions over the years and, each time, Angela far exceeded all expectations. Whether photographing the event or selecting images during the layout and design process and delivering the finished product, Angela is always the consummate professional. Angela's heightened awareness of her surroundings and her dedication to quality ensures her images are powerful and emotionally charged. As well, her use of colour, balance light and texture captures the essence of her subject in an extraordinary way, with the images captured from a moment in time coming to life off the paper.” - Elaine S., Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“Angela, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on Presidente Pride - This City's Colours. I'm sure proud of it, and so pleased with all of you for working hard and working together to come up with such a great finished product! Awesome job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to the 6-minute documentary on Matthew that I directed and for which I was one of the camera operators.

“Thank you so much for your help today with the shoot - you put in a very long day and I sure appreciate it. You work well with have a nice way of getting things back on track. Great job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to Matthew's 3:35-minute music video, Rainbow Reaction that I worked on with Stephen E. in November 2010.

“I just watched your film Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Event, 29 April 2012. Great job! You managed to capture the whole race (the inserts and b roll served you well) and the footage looks good. Love the kayak flip with the Go Pro Hero! Very cool race! It's inspiring me to get out and enjoy nature again...The interviewees looked quite comfortable talking with you - looks like you put them at ease - a good skill if you will be making docs in the future.” Teresa M, Vancouver, BC


“Angela took our initial ideas and put together a website that was beyond our expectations. It stands out as being highly informative and fully personalized, and above all, it does not look like sites compiled by large commercial outfits. Customers have specifically commented on it for its quality and thoroughness. Angela also took on all the required videography and photography with ease and professionalism. Her background in forest products was apparent as we discussed possibilities during the site's conception.” - Tim F., Black Creek, BC, Canada.

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