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Vicwood High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

  Vicwood HPL (also called Vicwood Pre-finished Veneer) is manufactured solely by Vicwood from Vicwood engineered veneers, and therefore provides a real wood look to your custom furniture, cabinetry, doors or wall panels, among other decorative products. Pre-finished with a gloss and smooth or sand-brushed texture, its phenolic backing allows for easy application onto plywood, MDF, particle board or other surfaces, including Vicwood's lightweight lumber-core blockboard, Vicwood Mineral Board and Vicwood Low-Carbon Innovative Panels. It is available from Vicwood's manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China in 4-foot (1220mm) x 8-foot (2440mm) sheets. Contact us to distribute this product in your country.

To make this product, we bond our Engineered Veneer to a phenolic backing using high pressure and coat it with a finish, thus making it ready for installation. A thin membrane, which can be peeled off after installation, adds protection to its surface coating.

Vicwood HPL:
  • maintains the beauty and warmth of natural wood, while custom-made colours and textures are made possible with engineered veneer.

  • is supplied in sizes 0.7 mm to 1 mm x 1250 mm x 2500 mm. Postforming is possible for a bending radius greater than 20 mm. Contact cement is generally used to laminate it onto a substrate.

  • is available in the following finishing options:

    • Wax Effect (5% Gloss): a matt finishing that reproduces the effect of wood treated with oils or natural wax.

    • Sand Blasted Wax Effect (5% Gloss): a selective surface erosion treatment that reproduces wood texture, and is preferred by furniture makers and interior designers.

    • Polyurethane (25% to 40% Gloss): a traditional finishing that gives the appearance and feeling of wood products manufactured by craftsmen.

    • Customized finishes:
      Upon request and for certain minimum quantities of production, Vicwood Pre-finished Veneer can be customized as a fireproof-finished product. Vicwood's R&D department has developed particular manufacturing and lacquering cycles that provide this product with special and world-wide-unique characteristics. The finish has been developed so as to guarantee that the wood has the highest fire-resistance performance in terms of low flame-spread and reduced fume emission and respects international or national standards, according to the field of application.
hpl construction

<----- Lacquered Finish/Melamine Overlay

<----- Vicwood Veneer

<----- Phenolic backing

  Standard Standard Technical targets
  Wax effect, sand-blasted
Wax effect finish
Polyurethane finish 25 gloss  
Nominal thickness 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.0mm
Grade Postformable Postformable  
Bending radius
- longitudinal
- transversal
20mm 20mm  
Performing temperature 145 degrees Celsius
(288 degrees Fahrenheit)
145 degrees Celsius
(288 degrees Fahrenheit)
Weight per square metre 1.2kg 1.2kg 1.2kg - 1.3kg
Dimensional variations
- longitudinal
- transversal
0.4% - 0.9%
1.1% - 1.4%
Abrasion resistance
EN438-2.6 (average values)
>80 Taber turns >150 Taber turns >350 Taber turns
Stain resistance
No effect Halo caused by acetone and trichloroetylene No effect
>3 grey scale >3 grey scale >2 grey scale
Formaldehyde emission EN717-2 According to standards According to standards According to standards

As of 2 August 2006 Vicwood has a twenty year patent to manufacturer its HPL in China. Details of this patent can be furnished upon request.


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