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  A manufacturer since 1963, Vicwood is the leader in engineered veneer and is staunchly committed to protecting the environment and sustaining the world's wood resources for future generations. We produce top quality veneer products for discerning customers by shipping selected quality logs, grown in agricultural plantations and in our owner-operated controlled and sustainable forests in Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo, to our hi-tech, state-of-the art manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China. With our worldwide reputation as an innovator and investor in new design research and development, we use production methods that minimize environmental impact and enhance the beauty of nature.

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Vicwood Group, founded in 1963, produces plywood, reconstituted veneer, flooring, logs, lumber and other timber products. We are one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of reconstituted wood, which is superior to natural wood due to its consistency in texture, colour and density. In addition to dyed and figured veneers, Vicwood offers over 500 patterns, including quarter cut, rift, rotary, burl, bird's eye and other exotics to suit any woodworking project. We also manufacture solid and engineered flooring using both natural species and reconstituted timber. Vicwood has direct access to well-managed forests in West Africa and can offer SGS-certified species such as Sapele, Obeche, Bosse, Okan and Tali. As frequent exhibitors at international trade shows, we have a vigorous marketing program. We have invested heavily in research and development both to ensure continuous innovation, for which we have won many awards, and to maintain our position as a leader in the environmentally friendly timber industry. Our mills in China are FSC-certified.


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