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Vicwood Group Recent Product Launches

  Vicwood Group is continually striving to make innovative new products that meet the ecological requirements of today and tomorrow. On this page we post announcements of new products.

22 July 2015: At the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, USA, Vicwood Group introduced to its booth visitors our two new products: VicDécor and VicDécor Wall Cladding Panels. You will find descriptions of these new products on our Panels page.

10 February 2013: Small orders of Vicwood regular production engineered veneer designs can now be couriered to the door of your business address, if you are an architect, interior designer or cabinet maker located in Canada or the USA. Ask us for the link to our special offers with the list of designs and sizes that are available on a continual basis as they are in daily production. It is no longer necessary to wait two to three months for production as long as you choose designs that we are producing regularly.

1 January 2011: Vicwood Pre-finished Veneer is Vicwood Group's latest product to be launched into the market for decorative architectural and interior design projects. Manufactured solely by Vicwood from Vicwood engineered veneers, Vicwood Pre-finished Veneer provides a real wood look to custom furniture, cabinetry, doors or wall panels, among other decorative products. Pre-finished with a gloss and smooth or sand-blasted texture, its phenolic backing allows for easy application onto plywood, MDF, particle board or other surfaces. It is available now from Vicwood's manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China in 4-foot (1220mm) x 8-foot (2440mm) sheets. Vicwood owns a twenty-year patent to manufacture this product in China, details of which can be furnished upon request.

5 November 2010: Vicwood Group is now producing Vicwood Low Carbon Engineered Flooring, a three-layer structure composed of natural wood and Vicwood Mineral Board. Less wood and less energy are consumed in its production, making it an environmentally conscious product. Providing the advantages of low formaldehyde emission, fire-retardance, moisture resistance, termite resistance, weather resistance, low heat conductivity and cost-savings, it is easy to install. The dimensions currently offered are 15 mm / 18 mm x 125 mm x 910 mm but custom-made sizes are also negotiable. It is suitable for use in homes, hotels and public places. It can also be used in premises with heated flooring systems and high humidity. Vicwood Low Carbon Engineered Flooring can be installed in the same way as regular engineered flooring.

12 May 2010: Vicwood Group is pleased to announce that our Eco Energy Board with mineral board face has recently been tested for fire-resistance in the Philippines recently. It took 2 hours to burn through the mineral board using a fire gun at a very high temperature. This result was considered to be very satisfactory.

24 March 2010: Vicwood Group was today issued a CARB report for its Hardwood Plywood Veneer Core 3 mm - 20 mm. It was certified as meeting section 93120.3(b) title 17 under the California Code of Regulation. Our product passed the phase 2 formaldehyde emission level as specified in CARB ATCM section 93120.2 (a). The result we obtained was 0.02 when tested by ASTM D6007-02, UV-Vis method. Phase 2 maximum permissible limit is 0.05 so our product is actually better than the permitted standard!

3 December 2009: Vicwood Mineral Board is a panel composed of agricultural by-products and mineral compounds. Not only decorative and functional but also cost efficient, it is an environmentally friendly and health-conscious product because it is free of toxic substances such as benzine, asbestos, formaldehyde, etc. It provides high dimensional stability, structural strength and is resistant against fire, impact, termites, moisture, acid, alkaline, mold and mildew.

2 December 2009: Vicwood is now offering doors manufactured with its own Eco Energy Panel Core. Light weight but impact-resistant and providing acoustic, moisture and thermal insulation all at the same time, Eco Energy Panel-core Vicwood Doors are provided with lock boards and hinge boards. The edges are sealed with solid wood.

11 September 2009: Vicwood is happy to announce that it is now producing its Flooring with a Click-locking System. Manufactured in dimensions of 10.5mm x 125mm x 1220mm with a 0.6mm thick top veneer, this is a glueless flooring with an HDF core and veneer face and back. We also produce plywood-based flooring with veneer face (our multi-layer Engineered Flooring), lumber core flooring with veneer face (a 3-layer parquet with Chinese Cedar core 14(3.0)/15(4.0)mm x 125/150/189mm x 1,220mm/1860mm) and laminated flooring 8.3mm x 195mm x 1215mm; 12.3mm x 166/195mm; and 12.3mm x 90mm x 1215mm with square edge or V-Groove and anti-abrasive grades AC2, AC3 and AC4.

11 July 2009: Vicwood is now offering Vicwood melamine-face plywood, ideal for cabinet doors, wardrobe doors and sliding doors. Lightweight and offered in a choice of gloss or matt finish and plain white or Cherry, Oak and Maple wood grain, our pre-finished melamine-face plywood already includes surface sanding and coating, saving you labour and material costs. Dimensions are 17mm and 18mm thick x 4 foot (1250mm) wide x 8 foot (2500mm) long.

25 May 2009: Vicwood announces the launch of its Thin MDF in a choice of two applications: 1) with paper laminate faces and 2) prefinished with Vicwood EV (engineered veneer) faces for immediate use. Dimensions are 2.5mm thick x 4 foot (1250mm) wide x 8 foot (2500mm) long.

15 March 2009: Vicwood Finger-jointed Lumber, where short pieces of wood in random lengths are joined end to end in an interlocking finger-like structure, represents a responsible use of natural resources. Scrap material which would ordinarily have been thrown away or burned for fuel is now utilized in a more environmentally friendly way so as to make use of the entire tree. Popular in door cores, table tops and stair treads, Vicwood Lumber Boards, composed by splicing together strips of finger-jointed lumber, perform identically to panels of the same dimensions constructed from a single piece of solid wood but consume less timber resources.

20 February 2009: Vicwood has finally launched its long-awaited Eco-Energy Panel, which is a sandwich-structured panel comprised of an XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam) core and plywood face and back, all bonded together with adhesive. Its light weight, moisture resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation and resistance to compression establish the product as the third generation in composite boards. The product is suitable for use in doors, wall panels, ceiling panels, roofing, work tops, partitions and cabinets, making it an ideal substitute for block board, finger-jointed lumber and multi-layer panels.

29 January 2009: Vicwood is now introducing Stair treads in natural wood species such as Red Oak, Sapele, White Oak, Bosse, Padouk, etc. to its customers.

15 January 2009: Vicwood Wood Venetian Blinds are finally available and ready for shipment to our customers. We offer four series of natural and engineered wood slats, valances and bottom rails for Venetian blinds. Moreover, for importers, distributors and wholesalers, we are now able to offer pre-finished Venetian blinds.

12 December 2008: Vicwood announces the launch of its newest product, flush and moulded Door Skins. Made from both natural veneer and our own engineered veneer in a variety of long-grain and cross-grain styles as well as pre-assembled designs with rails and styles, the door skins can be custom-made for large projects, are offered in a variety of door sizes, and can be easily laminated onto MDF, flakeboard, plywood or other wood surfaces. Many choices exist among our spliced door skin veneer (for flat doors) and our pre-finished veneer (with phenolic backing and an anti-scratch surface).


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