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  Vicwood's operations in Central Africa include almost two million hectares of forestry concessions (U.F.As) in Cameroon, Congo and Central African Republic. We offer exotic hardwood logs to our customers around the world from among the following species: Afrormosia, Bibolo, Bosse, Iroko, Kossipo, Mahogany ivorensis, Obeche, Padouk, Sapele, Sipo and Tali, depending on availability and time of year. In Central African Republic, inspection is carried out by BIVAC (Bureau Inspection Valuation Assessment Control) as required by the C.A.R. government.

Below are our usual sales terms:

Diameter: 60cm+.

Length: 5.00m+.

Grade: B and B+.

Shipment: Direct shipment ex Douala via containers or breakbulk.

Payment: 30% deposit on order and an at sight, irrevocable Letter of Credit for the balance or balance via D/P.

Minimum order: Two 40-foot containers per species.

Kindly contact us with your log enquiries.


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