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Vicwood Micro-HPL

  Vicwood Micro-HPL aka Vicwood Melamine Veneer is composed by pressing together a paper face and a veneer backing. Consequently, it is easier to handle than paper melamine. In fact, since it is supplied in sheet form, plywood factories can handle it just as easily as veneers. A lower priced paper-core HPL that can be laminated with the same equipment and glue as used for veneering plywood, it costs less than regular HPL and can be laminated onto a calibrated, sanded, plywood platform with cross-band veneered face and back, or effortlessly pressed onto particle board and MDF. And, as an added energy-savings incentive, this can all be done at a lower temperature and with less pressure than that required for ordinary HPL. Not only is it a better quality than melamine paper, it is also lower in price than paper-core HPL.

Size: 0.35mm x 4' (1220mm) x 8' (2440mm).
Regular colours: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cold White.

Cherry micro hpl
Maple micro hpl
Oak micro hpl
Walnut micro hpl
Cold White micro hpl
Cold White

Other colours are available upon request, but minimum orders of 1500 sheets per colour are required. Contact us for pricing and samples.


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