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Vicwood Panel Faces

  In our 550Q series, Vicwood has developed a select number of quarter-cut models of its engineered veneer as a smooth, flat, surface-covering for panels so as to make them easier for veneering. A defect-free material, its quality is better than ordinary rotary veneer. Our customers appreciate it for its finished look and feel, its low cost, and the savings it offers with regard to time and labour. Used as a substitute for rotary veneer, with our panel faces you will find that there is no need to make any further repairs to your plywood surface before laminating it with decorative faces.

Quality: B and better.
Standard sizes: 0.5 mm x 1250 mm width x 2500 mm length. Yes, our slicing machines can cut veneers of 1250mm x 2500mm! When the required length is 2600 to 3100 mm, we can zig-zag-joint two sheets to provide a 1800 mm-wide sheet. When blocks of 2800 mm length are required, we supply widths of 640 mm.
Minimum quantity: 1 x 40-foot container = 16 pallets = 55,000m2. However, smaller volumes are possible for trial orders.
Standard colours include Ash, Red Elm, Okoume, Sapelli, Teak and Walnut to match the colour of the face veneers normally used by veneering mills. Other designs are possible.
Please note: As we consider this type of veneer to be low grade and we sell it for a lower price than our decorative veneers, we do not control the colour like we do for our high grade decorative veneers. Consequently, there will be variations of colour and grain from one batch to the next. The variety of possible colours are shown in the below examples.

Ash series
Ash 500Q

Ash 500Q-1

Ash 500-9Q

White Ash 500-6Q

White Ash 500-7Q

White Ash 500-14Q

White Ash 500Q-17

Ash 500-17Q

Bubinga series
EV Bubinga 500Q-A

EV Bubinga 500Q-B

Okoume series
Okoume 500Q

Dark Okoume 500Q

Makore series
Makore 500Q

Wenge series
Wenge 500Q

Sapelli series
Sapelli 500Q-A

Sapelli 500Q-B

Red Elm series
Red Elm 500Q-A

Red Elm 500Q-B

Teak series
Teak 500Q-A

Teak 500Q-B

Walnut series
Walnut 500Q-A

Walnut 500Q-B

Ebony series
Ebony 135Q

Ebony 115Q

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