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Vicwood Engineered Veneer

Vicwood engineered veneer

  A manufacturer since 1963, Vicwood is the leader in engineered veneer and is staunchly committed to protecting the environment and sustaining the world's wood resources for future generations. We produce top quality veneer products for discerning customers by shipping selected quality logs, grown in agricultural plantations and in our owner-operated controlled and sustainable forests in Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo, to our hi-tech, state-of-the art manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China. With our worldwide reputation as an innovator and investor in new design research and development, we use production methods that minimize environmental impact and enhance the beauty of nature.


  • Natural wood product
  • Consistent colour
  • Large quantities available
  • FSC-certified available
  • No-Added Formaldehyde (NAF) and Ultra Low-Emitting Formaldehyde Resins (ULEF) available
  • Full spectrum of colours
  • Thicknesses from 0.2 to 4mm
  • Raw or fleeced-backed
  • Easy to laminate
  • Product specs can be provided upon request

Production process

  • Design the specifications, sizes, colours and patterns of the products
  • Rotary peel or slice logs into veneer in the requisite sizes and thicknesses
  • Bleach and dye the veneer in order to improve and optimize the colour of the original wood
  • Dry the veneer using professional drying equipment
  • Spread glue onto the processed veneers
  • Press the veneers into blocks using moulds and special equipment
  • Saw the blocks at a variety of angles to obtain the necessary patterns
  • Slice the blocks into veneers or panels to render a variety of engineered wood products
  • Grade and pack the veneer according to the colour, texture and product

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Many of the technical properties are best assessed on timber blocks, which is the basic form prior to conversion to veneer.

Moisture Content (%)

0.5mm and up = 10 +/- 2
From 0.15mm to 0.4mm = 15 +/- 5

Apparent Specific Weight

Depending on the construction, the apparent specific weight will have a range of approximately 0.61kg per cubic meter to 0.8kg per cubic meter at a moisture content of 10%.

Radial and Tangential Shrinkage

Test Method BS373:1957 (1986)
Radial % Air Dried = 0.81; Oven Dried = 2.43
Tangential % Air Dried = 0.28; Oven Dried = 1.86

Compressive Strength

Test Method EN408: 1995 Section 15
Compressive strength (Mpa) 41.84
Moisture content 10.63%


Test Method ASTMD 1037-96
Average Load KN = 2.59
Moisture content = 13.32%

Water Absorption and Thickness Swelling

Test Method ASTMD 1037-96
Water Absorption 24 hours
% by weight = 16.88
% by volume = 2.68
Thickness Swelling 24 hours = 1.81%

Static Bending Test

Test Method ASTMD 1037-96
Modulus of Rupture (Mpa) = 9.36
Stress at Proportional Limit (Mpa) = 5084
Apparent Modulus of Elasticity (Mpa) = 290.62

Shrinkage on Length

Test Method Bs 373 1957
Percentage Shrinkage = 0.130
Natural Beech = 0.174

Please note: Vicwood Engineered veneer is a natural wood product and may therefore react when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, either by fading, by yellowing or by darkening depending on the original log, the dye lot and its age.

Kindly contact us with your veneer enquiries.

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