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A Selection of Past Projects

Translation and Localisation

  • Supervised a team of seven translators for legal and forestry documents as well as daily in-coming and out-going correspondence;
  • Localised the translation of Sat Nav material from the original Italian text from British English to American English;
  • Translated (among hundreds of others):
    • From French into English:
      • websites and bi-annual bulletins of a non-profit Children's humanitarian aid association in Bali, Indonesia (since 2010);
      • a 200-page monograph on Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Luxembourg (see cover below);
      • several long legal contracts for a significant re-construction project in France;
      • reports on medical facilities in Burkina Faso;
      • scientific papers for a medical conference;
      • various personal documents such as drivers' licences, birth certificates, confirmation and medical certificates, passports, work résumés and property documents for private clients.
    • From Spanish into English:
      • bi-annual newsletters for the website of an aquacultural company in Spain (from Spanish to English for several years);
      • Environmental, Social, and Health and Safety Management documents for a Mexican mining company (from Spanish to English);
      • Engineering documents for an Ecuadorian oil company;
      • scientific papers for a medical conference;
      • various Purchase Orders for spare parts for a nuclear plant in Argentina;
      • 200-page monograph on Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Bolivia (see cover below);
      • scientific papers for a medical conference;
      • various personal documents such as drivers' licences, birth certificates, confirmation and medical certificates, passports, work résumés and property documents for private clients.


     Luxembourg - Labour Law and Industrial Relations - Romain Schintgen Bolivia - Labour and Industrial Relations - Eduardo López Huailla

    Consecutive Interpretation

    • Interpreted:
      • for top business leaders on business trips to Asia, North America, South America, Europe and West Africa;
      • in high-level business meetings between Asian and African, Asian and North American, Asian and South American, Asian and European, African and North American business leaders and governmental officials;
      • for various immigrants and refugees visiting medical and lawyers' offices;
      • in the court system for Spanish- and French-speaking clients.

    Editing and Proofreading

    • Checked and revised legal encyclopaedia monographs in English for a publisher in the Netherlands;
    • Edited and proofread:
      • agricultural accountancy texts for publication in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian for the European Union;
      • business books and articles, novels and short stories for a Canadian business woman (see book covers below);
      • English, French and Spanish versions of published books of poetry for a poet in Maryland, USA;
    • English-language promotional and marketing brochures for a Chinese timber manufacturer;
    • English-language websites and marketing material for two East African tour operators;
    • encyclopaedia monograph manuscripts, quarterly Bulletin of Comparative Labour Law; yearly edition of law text books Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations; Labour Law and Industrial Relations of the European Community; updates of encyclopaedia monographs, legislation, case law and codex of the International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations (see sample book covers below);
    • marketing and other business material for a Chinese-Canadian trading company;
    • Privacy and Human Resources documents for an international tourism operation;
    • business books for Canadian an American business gurus (see book covers below).


 Business books

Business E-volution - Jacoline Loewen Money Magnet - Jacoline Loewen East of Wall Street - Todd Klein Built for Change - T.D. Klein Resolute Roots

 Law books

Labour Law and Industrial Relations of the European Community - Roger Blanpain Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialised Market Economies, Volume 1, Labour Law - Roger Blanpain International Encyclopaedia of Laws - General Editor, Roger Blanpain

Language Teaching

  • Prepared adults for the Cambridge English PET exam in Sicily, Italy;
  • Taught:
    • Business English to a Chinese businessman in Hong Kong for eight years;
    • Conversational French in classroom settings to college-level adults (ages 18-22 - beginners to advanced, including Immersion-French students);
    • English in a classroom setting to groups of children aged 8 to 12, and teenagers aged 13 and up, in Sicily, Italy (Cambridge English: YLE, KET, PET);
    • General English (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 Cambridge levels), Business English and IELTS test preparation, one-on-one to a number of individual adult students as well as to small classes of up to four adults at a time in Siracusa and Rome, Italy;
    • Basic Spanish to crew and passengers on an American cruiseship line;
  • Tutored:
    • AP (Advanced Placement) Spanish to a teenager for entry into top Ivy league schools in the USA;
    • High school French to a young teenager.

Voice-overs, Transcriptions, Writing and Other Linguistic Collaboration

  • Compiled a specialised agricultural glossary in eight languages for the European Union;
  • Gave group information sessions to international tourists in various languages;
  • Hosted entertainment for Spanish speakers on cruise ships;
  • Organised meetings for 48-nation legal encyclopaedia advisory board in Bari, Italy and Athens, Greece;
  • Prepared daily activity programmes in six languages for cruise ship passengers;
  • Presented information over public address system in six languages;
  • Provided customer service to tourists in the Caribbean in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch;
  • Recorded voice-overs:
    • in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian for several website videos of a Chinese timber company;
    • in English, French and Spanish for the website videos of a Brazilian tour operator;
    • in English for the website video of an Austrian translation company;
    • in English for computer-based surveys;
  • Transcribed a French-language television series for a national network station;
  • Wrote weekly reports, proofread weekly newsletters, reviewed and ensured accuracy of written materials for an American cruise ship company.
...and many more...

 As index compiler, collaborator or photo editor:

Farm Accountancy Data Network: An A to Z of methodology - Commission of the European Communities Vicwood K.T. Chong, A Photographic Biography (Chinese) Vicwood K.T. Chong: A photographic biography in commemoration of Vicwood Group's Fiftieth Anniversary

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